5 Inexpensive Dinner Party Centerpieces for Valentine’s Day

Valentine’s Day would be incomplete without beautiful, fragrant flowers to dress up a dinner table. Create your own stunning Valentine’s Day centerpieces inexpensively using fresh flowers and imaginative touches. Here are five stylish centerpieces that are easy to create.


Floating Candles and Flowers Centerpiece
This is an easy centerpiece that uses candles and roses for a simple yet striking presentation. Fill a large bowl with water. Take open roses (not rose buds) and cut the stems so that they are less than 1" long. Float the flowers and candles on the water.  Light the candles and be sure to avoid wetting the candle wicks.

Heart-Shaped Valentine’s Day Centerpiece
For this centerpiece you will need two different types of flowers.  One type of flower should be large and the other should be smaller accent flowers. Take a heart, 4-inch deep, shaped basket or bowl and line it with plastic. Cut florist’s foam in the shape of a heart. After soaking the foam in water, place it into the lined basket.  Cut all of the flowers the same depth as the basket. Stick larger flowers into the foam in the shape of a heart, filling up the foam. Then, add the accent flowers basket until it is completely filled and no foam shows.

Bottle Centerpieces
One way to save money on Valentine’s Day centerpieces is to buy one large bouquet of flowers and divide it into single stems. Then, choose several beautiful bottles to serve as vases such as an empty wine or olive oil bottle.  Add a stem to each vase and tie a beautiful ribbon around each bottle. Line the vases down the center of a rectangular or square table as simple, elegant centerpieces.

Votive Candle Centerpieces
Here is a unique and attractive way to display exquisite flowers. Instead of putting the flowers inside the vase, tie a flower stem or flower bud to the outside of a votive candle using beautiful ribbon or raffia. Arrange several of the arrangements down the center of the table. This centerpiece also offers another way to stretch a bouquet of flowers.

Red Hot Centerpiece
For this charming centerpiece you'll need two vases. One of the vases should be clear and the other should be large enough to hold the smaller vase because they will be nesting. First, fill the smaller vase with pink and red roses. Next, place this vase inside the larger vase. Add red hot candies or another type of red candy to the space between the vases for a romantic and tasty centerpiece.

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