Valentine’s Day Goody Bag Ideas

As parents and teachers become more aware of the harmful effects of sugar, many are deciding to give children alternative Valentine’s Day treats. Fill Valentine’s Day goody bags with these non-candy treat ideas. 


Valentine’s Day Tools for Writing

Check The Oriental Trading Company, a Dollar Store or a teacher supply store for Valentine’s Day pencils, erasers and small pads of paper. Give red pens, red and pink crayons and markers

Creative Valentine’s Day Gifts

Fill the Valentine’s Day goody bag with pink, red and white Play-doh, heart-shaped cookie cutters and Valentine’s stickers. Choose heart-shaped hole punches, red glitter glue or red, scented markers.

Use this easy recipe to make your own Play-DOH!

Valentine’s Day Trinkets

Add inexpensive Valentine’s Day trinkets to the goody bag. Faux gems, toy hearts, beaded bracelets and faux diamond rings are fun toys for children on Valentine’s Day.

Make your own Valentine's stickers using free clip art!

Think outside the candy box on Valentine’s Day and give children gifts that won’t leave children feeling sick. Valentine’s Day writing tools, creative gifts and trinkets will give kids valuable playtime and Valentine’s Day fun.  

About the Author
Barb Hacker is a mom to three boys and a freelance writer.