Crepe-Paper Roses

2423 Crepe Paper Rose BallsWhy give cut flowers that will eventually die when you can give handmade roses that can last forever? These cute crepe-paper posies are the perfect Valentine’s Day present for your sweetheart. Combine different colors and sizes in a decorative box for a thoughtful and beautiful gift.

But why stop at just Valentine’s Day? They’re great home accessories and they'd make a wonderful house-warming gift. And they can be made in any color to go with different holidays or home color schemes.

The instructions warn you that hot glue guns and Styrofoam don’t really work well together and suggest you glue the flowers to each other rather than to the ball. This is a good solution, but it might be tricky to keep the glue from showing. Instead, try using regular white glue on the Styrofoam ball or use something other than Styrofoam for your base.

Find the original instructions for crepe paper rose balls and then try your hand at gluing other items to Styrofoam balls to make more fun decorations. 

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